Equifax Security Breach

We would like to highly encourage you to take advantage of the complimentary identity theft protection established by Equifax. Follow the link below for important information on the subject and to find out if you might have been affected by the breach.  

Photo by tashka2000/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by tashka2000/iStock / Getty Images


Instead of having a paper statement mailed to you, you can receive your statements electronically through our Online Banking system. Contact the Credit Union office if you are interested in this option.

Vehicle Loans - Rates as Low as 1.99%

We offer rates as low as 1.99% APR on loans for the purchase of an auto, truck, van, or motorcycle. These rates also apply if you are looking to refinance a vehicle loan that you have with another lender. Contact us at (585) 272-0020 for further information.

Mortgage Loans

Through our partnership with OwnersChoice Funding, we are now offering mortgage financing. Our mortgage program features competitive interest rates, low fees and affordable closing costs, as well as expert support and assistance throughout the entire process.